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Jessi Website

I’ve been meaning to actually start utilizing this corner of the web for quite a few years now. For ages, this website was nothing but four sentences and a picture of my cat:

Jessi Website

I installed WordPress some time in 2018, and the site sat again for a year:

Random Landing Page

Side note: that background graphic is currently the lock screen graphic on my phone. That also hasn’t been changed for more than a year.

Over the past few years though, I’ve grown my website development company to support a full-time team. My team is amazing and for nearly three years now, the business has been run and sustained by people who are not me. Because of this, I’ve had time to travel with my family. I’ve been fueling my passion for traveling with speaking engagements, traveling to WordCamp conferences throughout the United states (and beyond!) I speak primarily on business topics – growing a freelance gig into an agency, project management, branding. The WordPress community is amazing, and my drive to contribute and speak at these conferences now is fueled by the connections I’ve made, and the friendships I’ve gained.

In 2019, I took on the position as Lead (volunteer) Organizer for WordCamp Minneapolis. The event is almost scheduled for 2020, and I’ll be entering my second year as Lead for this camp – along with the help of an amazing team of WordPress enthusiasts in the area.

There’s a common theme here – team and community. Surround yourself with people who want to succeed, and people who want to help you succeed, and you’ll go places.

Along with speaking, I’ve started consulting – primarily freelancers in the website development and digital space. My goal is to focus on this, along with a few other entrepreneurial endeavors, over the coming years while Iceberg continues to grow (with the help of a solid leadership team).

Sidebar – I’m also in the middle of a small SEO experiment to rank as the smartest person in Anoka

So, that’s my story. This is my (new) blog. Comment, introduce yourself, and ask questions. I’m mostly an open book, and I love making new friends.

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