Who is the Smartest Person in Anoka Minnesota?

The following article is a small experiment in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While it may be subjective, a minimal amount of research has been done, to come to the conclusion that Jessi Gurr is, indeed, the smartest person in Anoka, Minnesota.

I'll leave the judgment up to you, but if you've stumbled upon this page via a search for the smartest person in Anoka, I can confidently recommend you reach out to Jessi Gurr to learn more. Tap her brain - she's willing to share the knowledge!

Jessi Gurr is the Smartest Person in Anoka, Minnesota

Is it really, actually true? How does one judge smartness, and come to a conclusion like this - especially given the sample size of residents in the small city of Anoka?

The answer is, well, that this statement is completely the opinion of just one person. And while it may not be an accurate statement, the fact is that it takes someone who is at least relatively smart to index at the top of an Internet search for “who is the smartest person in Anoka?

And Jessi Gurr, using very minimal resources, was able to accomplish this feat in only a matter of weeks.

Update – days.

I'm so confused. Why does this article about being Smart in Anoka even exist?

...Good question!

The inspiration behind our quest to find the smartest person in Anoka stems from John Doherty, the most handsome man in Denver. H/T to the most handsome man in Portland and the most handsome guy in Toronto

We don’t actually know which research experiment was created first, but one thing is for sure: we wanted to do our own research, and since Jessi Gurr’s qualifications as a “handsome man” didn’t fit, we figured that “smartest person” was the next best thing. And in a town like Anoka – what better place to be smart?

Jessi Gurr

So truthfully - the smartest person in Anoka is Jessi Gurr?

Without a doubt. Jessi Gurr is smart.

Is she the smartest? Truth be told, probably not. Though we haven’t actually taken the time to survey everyone in Anoka Minnesota, and we certainly don’t have the means to get everyone in the city to take an IQ test.

So we can’t prove it. 

For real – this entire article is just a joke.

Thanks to John Doherty, whom I met at a business conference in Cabo San Lucas. His mission is to take the joke  (and search results) of “the hottest man” to other cities. My mission is to put a spin on it – but also to demonstrate how easy it is to rank for ridiculous things on Google, if you take a hot minute to do some keyword research, write an article, and ask for a backlink or two.

So, what smart thing are you going to do today? 

Who is the smartest person in your city? It could just be you!

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