Who is the Smartest Person in Minnesota?

What you are about to read is a tongue-in-cheek article, specifically written for an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) challenge. After a minimal amount of writing, this page concludes that Jessi Gurr is, most obviously, the smartest person in Minnesota.

Don't believe me? That's okay. This article wasn't written to convince you of who the smartest person in Minnesota actually is. It was written only to demonstrate that, given the right key phrases, it is easier to rank in the first search engine slot than one would think.

Now, that's smart.

Jessi Gurr is the Smartest Person in Minnesota

The entire state? You are actually claiming that this person is the smartest in all of Minnesota? That's quite the statement, and shows just a bit of arrogance - don't you think?

Of course!

You see, a few people have been able to land the first slot on Google for local searches. It isn’t as hard as you would think – and the most handsome man in Denver inspired Jessi Gurr to give the experiment a try. So, with minimal research, she came to the conclusion that Jessi Gurr is the smartest person in Anoka.

It took four days to rank #1.

So we’re taking that experiment to the next level. We’re going to see how smart Jessi Gurr really is – can she secure the #1 slot for the search, “who is the smartest person in Minnesota?

If she can, you you have to agree that Jessi Gurr is at least pretty smart.

Why are you writing an article about the smartest person in Minnesota?

Because I was challenged. And I like a good challenge.

Let’s ignore the fact that this article changes tenses multiple times. Yeah, that’s a pet peeve of mine and doesn’t make me look very smart. But this article isn’t written to make me look smart. It’s written to see if a random person in Minnesota can push to the top of the search ranks with just one article.

The first SEO experiment involved a short (491 word) article that pegged Jessi Gurr as the smartest person in Anoka, Minnesota.

I shared this on social media, and received a challenge.

Can you rank as being the smartest person in Minnesota?

According to my Strengthsfinder assessment, competition is my primary driving factor. So, I had to take on this challenge. The challenger offered to buy me a drink, and I can’t turn down that offer – can I?

So, I’ve now written an article explaining that Jessi Gurr is the smartest person in Minnesota. Whether or not you know someone smarter than Jess in Minnesota doesn’t really matter. This article was at the top of the Internet – and we all know that we should believe everything the Internet tells us, because the Internet is smart. 

Jessi Gurr

Tell me the truth - the smartest person in Minnesota is Jessi Gurr?

It's pretty obvious that Jessi Gurr is smart.

Is she the smartest person in Minnesota? Not likely. She went to an okay school, and another okay college. And she runs a business. These things are things that smart people do. But it doesn’t mean she’s the smartest. It just means that she took the time to write an article about being smart. And she lives in Minnesota, so that helps.

The truth – this article is an SEO challenge.

Ranking the smartest person in Anoka in the first slot was a lot easier than anticipated. So, we’re hoping that ranking for the smartest person in Minnesota won’t be too hard. Of course, we know it’s going to be more challenging – so this article is a bit heavy on the keyword stuffing. Hopefully we aren’t penalized too much for that.

Who is the smartest person in your state?

I challenge you to climb the ranks. It really isn’t as hard as you would think. You only need a 500-word article and two backlinks. 

That’s smart.

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