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My Top 5 Clifton Strengths: Competition, Communication, Significance, Assurance, Activator.

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About Me

Entrepreneur. Speaker. Leader. Traveler. Mom.

First things first – I have two amazing and musically talented young boys, Cedar and River, and we live just north of the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. Since 2005, I’ve been the owner of Iceberg Web Design, and grew the business from the ground up – one customer at a time. Today my professional focus is on leadership and business growth. I’m proud to say that I’ve built an amazing team that shares my core values, and takes phenomenal care of our customers.

I’m a long time vegan, and I love to travel. I take my kids with whenever possible, and also bring them on solo trips to a place of their choice annually. My kids attend the Montessori school in Anoka, MN, and I’m an active member on the school board. 

Professional Work & Hobbies

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My primary mission with Iceberg is to create a company where people love to come to work – and today I can confidently say that I’ve achieved that goal. Moving forward, I’m excited to continue cultivating a great culture and working environment, and we have some pretty lofty growth goals.

This didn’t come easy, though. For years I was stuck behind a business running my life. Today, the business is able to function without me – and I love sharing my experiences and helping other agencies reach that level. 

Jessi Gurr

Board Member

I was elected to the Board of Directors for the Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce, and enjoyed serving three years in that position. I am currently an Ambassador for the Chamber, and enjoy meeting with new members to learn about their businesses. I have been an active member of the Montessori Renaissance Academy board since the school transitioned to a non-profit organization in 2017.



I have two bright, musical, rambunctious boys – Cedar (9) and River (7). Cedar is an incredibly talented pianist, and River is a budding guitar player. Both take lessons (jazz piano and guitar) at Inspire Academy of Music in Andover, MN. They are in 2nd and 4th grades this year, and keep life interesting.

We are all big Harry Potter fans, and I’ve been reading the series out loud to them, and we’re just about to start the seventh book. We’re all very excited for an upcoming trip to Universal Studios this winter!

Grand Canyon


Travel is one of my largest passions, and I hope to pass that passion down to my children. I love traveling both for business and personal reasons – and often times find a reason to combine those two together. Recently, I’ve been enjoying destination running, and I’m in the process of training for a Run Disney marathon event in January.

Lemon Candle


Once per year, I make highly scented palm wax candles for sale at the Eveland Family Farm in Andover, Minnesota. 

In the early 2000s, I started making candles, soap, lotions, and a variety of B&B items. I sold candles a few years later at my uncle’s pumpkin farm, and they were a huge hit. I only pour candles one day a year, though as my kids are getting older I’ve created a dedicated space for pouring candles. These may be available to purchase online in the near future.

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