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Entrepreneur. Speaker. Leader. Traveler. Mom.

My Top 5: Competition, Communication, Significance, Assurance, Activator.

Thanks for visiting! A bit more about me…

In 2015, I was ten years into a fairly successful freelance business endeavor. Things were great – I was making a respectable living, was just starting a family, and had the disposable income to bring my children to Disney on a whim. Best of all – I was my own boss.

If that sounds too good to be true – it was. I wasn’t running a freelance business; my business was running my life. My work weeks were long, my family was suffering, and I spent our “vacations” taking client phone calls and making website updates on my iPad, while the kids went on rides with their grandparents.

I was completely stuck. And in 2015, I decided to make a change. 

Today, I spend my time running a business – not the other way around. I travel for work and I travel for fun, and I leave the laptop behind when I’m on vacation. And the business? It’s positioned so that it can run without me. I speak frequently on how I gained freedom to live life, and I’d love to share that story with you.

Jessi Gurr