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I have a few WordCamp presentations coming up this year, and I'm currently planning my 2020 speaking schedule.

EOS For Agencies: A Business Growth Structure that Works

WordCamp Birmingham, February 2022

In his book Traction, Gino Wickman outlines a business management template called the “Entrepreneurial Operating System.” I’ve taken this system, and applied it directly to my business.

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When we implemented EOS in our agency, we completely restructured the business. We saw rapid turnover of both staff and customers. What seemed like a terrifying journey turned into an agency life saver. The final result has been a clear growth strategy, dedicated team members that share my vision, and noticeable business growth.

In this talk, I’ll present the basics of EOS, sharing some hurdles that I encountered while incorporating the system in my agency. I’ll provide resources and templates for those looking to implement EOS into their business, and highlight how even minimal changes in weekly business operations can create massive change and improvements in an agency.

Recent Presentations and Workshops

Mastering Your Brand Image


Topic: Branding

Audience: Freelancers, Business Owners

What makes a strong brand? Who are some of the strongest brands you know – and how do you feel when you think about them? In this talk, we will explore how brand values, brand voice, and reputation all play into how others perceive your brand. The goal is to turn your existing customers into your biggest brand advocates!

Project Management for Developers


Topic: Project Management

Audience: Freelancers, Agency Owners

This talk was at a conference in Minneapolis. I covered the basics of project management, and went in-depth on tackling scope creep and communications issues when working on custom development projects.

Freelance to Agency: Taking the Leap


Presentations and Workshops
Discussion Groups

Topic: Growing a Business

Audience: Freelancers, New Business Owners

A talk from experience growing from a one-person business into a full agency with 9 W2 employees. This talk covers the basics of business, incorporating, securing financial and legal help, and growing a staff.

The Power of Networking

Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce

Topic: Networking

Audience: Business Owners

Why is networking so important when it comes to growing a business? In this talk, I covered the reasons for networking in business, places to network with others, and how forming relationships with your direct competitors can actually lead to more business for both companies.

Business Panels, Project Management Panels


Topic: Project Management

Audience: Freelancers, Agency Owners

I participated in a business panel with other business owners in the industry. Discussion was organic, fielding questions from the audience. Topics from employees to marketing, to business growth were covered.

Increasing Website Conversions

Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce

Topic: Website Design

5 Things to Do With Your Website Today to Increase Conversions

This talk was delivered to an audience of business owners in Anoka, MN. They left with 5 changes they could implement on their website immediately to increase the leads their website brought in.

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