EOS-Inspired Coaching for Agency Owners and Freelancers

As an agency owner myself, I follow the principles of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in my small business. By sticking with the processes that Gino Wickman outlines in his book, Traction, I have been able to predictably scale growth in my company, and ensure that the team is working together towards a common goal. When we work together, we will make sure that you have the right systems in place and a firm foundation to start your business growth journey.

Business Growth Areas of Focus

When you work with me, the first thing we will do together is work towards implementing the right structure in your business, so that you are prepared for growth. Following are the pillars that I focus on to set you up for business success.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Creating core values is an intimate process, and one that you have to sell to both your employees and your customers.

The first step in successful business growth is understanding the purpose behind the business. Why are you doing this? Why do you want to grow? Let’s create a vision for your business that speaks to who you truly are.

Business Growth Plan

When is the last time you visited your business plan? Was it the day you filed to incorporate your business?

Following the principles of EOS, we’ll spend time brainstorming where you want to be in 3, 5, and 10 years. And then we’ll figure what barriers are standing in your way, and what needs to be done to reach your ultimate goal.

Leadership Team and Organization Chart

If your goal is to remove yourself from the day-to-day activities in your business, you are going to need a committed team to support you.

Just you today? That’s OK! Forming a Leadership Team can take time, but we’ll work together to set you up for success and find the right people to take on more responsibility when you’re ready.

Business Scorecard Implementation

Do you know your numbers? How many leads do you need each week to make payroll? How many websites need to launch in a month to keep your business in the black?

Your Business Scorecard is one of the most important tools you will use as you grow. I will help you find the right numbers to track and set goals for success.

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